Veterinary acupuncture is part of complementary medicine techniques, but, like coinjoin homeopathy, it is already consolidated and has broad scientific support. Today, animals have a much longer lifespan, due to the advancement of Veterinary Medicine. This makes the use of acupuncture to increase in the treatment of pathologies resulting from time, such as degeneration of the nervous system, bone and muscle, in neurological conditions, such as in combating the sequelae of distemper and neural injuries, among others.

It is a therapeutic method of Chinese Medicine developed over 1,000 years ago, aiming to obtain the energy balance of the animals’ organism. It consists of the introduction of fine needles into the skin seeking to stimulate specific organs in the body. Acupuncture is indicated for the relief of pain, both acute and chronic. Electroacupuncture potentiates the analgesic effect, prolonging the effect of the therapy.

Estudos em animais e humanos mostram que o estímulo por acupuntura pode ativar o hipotálamo e a glândula pituitária, resultando num amplo espectro de efeitos sistêmicos, aumento na taxa  de secreção de neurotransmissores e neurohormônios, melhora do fluxo sanguíneo e também a estimulação da função imunológica.

O veterinário acupunturista manipula o Qi do animal, estimulando específicos pontos de acupuntura, que melhorarão o fluxo energético e diminuirão o bloqueio ou desequilíbrio.